Head Up High LP


Origin: Norway

Format: 12″ black vinyl record

Playing time: 38:04

Printrun: 500

Release date: November 22nd 2010

Status: available



- Mind My Step
– Head Up High
– When Death Becomes Dangerous
– Within the Frame of the Graveyard
– Thick Skinned and Weatherbitten
– Each Man For Himself
– Undertakers
– Paces
– Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire
– The Roaring Grandfather
– Bring Out Your Dead


second album of bad ass eighties’ death/thrash metal, sharing love for traditional and early black metal, and smearing it up with good old dirty rock’n’roll, features Taake, Borknagar, Dead To This World, Grimfist, Bomberos, and Old Funeral members, exclusive vinyl edition in 350g gatefold sleeve, licensed from Dark Essence Records.