Auka Seniems Dievams CDRE


Origin: Lithuania

Format: compact disk

Playing time: 47:34

Printrun: undisclosed

Release date: October 25th 2011

Status: available



- Iš Širdies…
– Anapus Nemuno (1283)
– Auka Seniems Dievams
– Svarbiausias Mūšis
– Kruvinos Pašvaistės
– Grižtantys Su Karo Ugnim
– Priešą Parklupdyk
– Amžina Aušra
– Žirgas Parneš Mano Kūną
– Eime Su Mumis
– Vardan…


ten year anniversary re-issue of the second Obtest album [2001], it is no less than pagan war metal masterpiece, blending rage, majesty and triumph into caleidoscopic battle of ages!, an irresistible blow from the past, turning on to combat with its highly melodious upbeat approach and battle-ready roar; this is the album that put Lithuanian band on the metal map worldwide!, now fully remixed and remastered by Gints Lundbergs, featuring earlier unreleased ‘Amžina Aušra’ bonus plus extensive 24 pages booklet with liner notes by Sadlave and unpublished pictures, deluxe super jewel box edition in O-card.