Sonitus Caeli Ardentis CD


Origin: Lithuania

Format: compact disk

Playing time: 46:32

Printrun: 1313

Release date: March 13th 2007

Status: available



- World of Blades
– Filthy Blood, Guts and Shit
– Už Lietuvą!
– Don’t Sign the Armistice
– Age of Decadence
– No Future [for your future]

- Nusiramink prieš Audrą
– Pašauktas Delčios
– Žvaigždės Aukštybėj Užges
– Niekšas


New generation of Lithuanian black metal scene raise their heads, two the most promising hordes have all qualities you would ever expect from the rough, ambitious, but nonetheless focused black metal lunacy, slipcase CD edition with 16 pages booklet.