The Years in Disgust CD DIGI


Origin: Lithuania

Format: compact disk

Playing time: 67:29

Printrun: 1000

Release date: May 13th 2014

Status: available



- The Holy Soil

- Dirty

- Post Mortal Wrath

- Insane Heritage

- Innocent In The Dark

- Offspring

- Sunset

- Congenital Passivity

- Total Cheating

- Psychic Vampire

- Sickness

- The Worst

- Blessed To Die

- Love Selling

- Strange Life


Second installment of “Lithuanian Metal. The Roots” series brings back the horrific prophecies of Vilnius’ based death metal purveyors, that were active from 1991 to 1995 and left a significant trail of blood with their solid, innovative, dark and extreme music: both ‘Congenital Passivity’ [1993] and ‘The Soil’ [1994] recordings are newly mastered from the source material by Conscious Rot architect Juodas, to creep again in a lethal postmortem form, along the rich band history, published with a myriad of vintage photos within a 24 page booklet; limited collectors’ CD edition comes in super jewel box with an outer slipcase.